objective: build cool shit, that matters!

Through the many projects I have been fortunate to work on I have developed some personal philosophies to the design process:

  • Design without ego
  • Build/assemble the first one of whatever you make
  • Everyone brings something to the table
  • Surround oneself with smarter more experienced people
  • Collaborate with creative and excited people
  • Stay focused and organized

I am trained as a mechanical engineer. Playing with electronics is a hobby. Understanding the interdependencies of mechatronic systems, designing highly loaded structural components - pushing the limits of material properties, tightly packaging all of these specifications within the tight constraints of an industrial design aesthetic while negotiating realistic manufacturing process tolerances - this is what I get paid to do.


In my "free time", however, I have a great deal of additional interests technical, and crafty. Often, my hobby projects are geared towards building new expertise, such that the technical interests may branch into career skills - a curriculum if you will:

  • embedded systems, board layout, firmware development
  • controls, trajectory planning, and optimization
  • power electronics
  • gardening
  • fermentation and food preservation
  • mountain biking
  • political action
  • making cool projects

I recently finished my PhD at MIT working in the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab. To keep up on my current projects checkout my instagram: @matt.thematic, or you can find my LinkedIn profile. I am mighty busy, but I am still always interested in rad projects. If you're interested in collaborating I can be reached via email at: masstech.matt[at]gmail.com


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