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Bernie Sanders for President 2016

Vote Matt Carney as Delegate for California CD 11

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Information on CD 11 Caucus May 1

My name is Matthew Carney and I pledge not only a vote for Bernie for President but to demand adoption of the Bernie Movement Platform for the Democratic National Committee Party Platform. This cause is more than just about getting Bernie elected it is about the movement to change the conversation in our nation. Every vote we get for Bernie, every delegate we send to Philly raises the volume on our demands for responsible and rational governance. Bernie is an amplifier for our voices, and we are the amplifier for his voice.

You can trust me to not only show up in Philadelphia July 25-28 and to cast the vote for Bernie Sanders for President, but also to spend my time talking and negotiating with HRC supports to convince them that the Berniecrat platform just makes sense and is to be adopted as the party platform.

Why trust me?

  • I drove a Bernie-journey to NYC to canvas before their primary election.
  • I went door-to-door to more than 150 homes on the Upper East Side and Harlem in NY for Bernie.
  • I went door-to-door to more than 105 homes around Providence, RI for their primary.
  • I went door-to-door in Boston MA for their Primary.
  • I phonebank through when I've got small chunks of time available (like while doing chores).
  • I make vinyl Bernie Stickers and send them to my friends back in CA
  • I hacked the optics from a projector to make mini light projections for Bernie Light Brigade style work.

I can't physically be at the Caucus in Richmond or Rossmoor on Sunday May 1, 2016, because I am currently living on the east coast. I am a mechanical engineer, and PhD student at MIT. This is why I've managed to canvas on the east coast, and how I guarantee that I will be at the convention in Philly - I am alread on the east coast.

What else can I say about why I support bernie? I think it's best said by a little girl in a park in Harlem who told\yelled to me why her mother supports Bernie:
"Because he's a Protestor!!!"

And, I think Killer Mike makes the strongest argument.

Now is the time. All aboard! Let's make this happen!!


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