Brewing Beer

(2004 - present)

There's no better way to keep your beer fresh than to brew it in your basement and keep it there until you're ready to drink them. My friends and I have been brewing beer for almost a decade at this point. I have personally taken a back seat for a good chunk of time while I was in grad school and in crazy startup mode. The brewing has continued though. My mega brewing friends have actually moved out of our basement and started their own real brewery, Dying Vines. Meanwhile plans are in the works to finally build the Brew Sculpture we have dreamt about for years - Jeff from MLS and I are teaming up to design and build an all grain three kettle system for each of our shops.

Pictured here is the basement brewery running near capacity. We mostly brew 12 gallons at a time in converted kegs. The third picture shows beer in the fermentation cabinet we built to help regulate ale fermenation temperatures during the summer.

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