Fermentation of various foods

(2006 - present)

There's no better way to keep your bread fresh than to ferment your own yeast strains and bake it at home. Since starting the garden I have become interested in preserving and fermenting foods. Pickling is an obvious first step at the end of a harvest season.

In 2011 my friend Hannah taught me the "no knead" bread baking method and I have not bought bread since then. The recipe is super simple and very tolerant of my busy and unpredictable schedule. I usually assume I have a window of anywhere from 12-24 and sometimes even 48 hours (depending on the temperature of the house). I also somewhat recently switched over to using a sourdough yeast cultured from our kitchen. I've got the roommates baking breads at this point as well, so the effort balance to making awesome bread is very sustainable at the moment.

Kombucha is a new one for me as well. It's relatively easy to manage, although I think I need to increase the volume of production to make it actually worth my time to brew.

Saurkraut turns out to be super easy and very tasty. No pictures of it at the moment, but I assure you red cabbage definitely looks the best and tastes damn good.

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