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(2016 - present)

The image above was featured in the Amtrak Magazine, National (August 2018) in an article entitled "The Land of What If."

TF8 Knee and Ankle Powered Prostheses

Please note: I currently have a manuscript in preparation, upon publication I will followup with far more information in this section.

My PhD has been the design, build, and control of a novel powered knee and ankle prosthesis - that means full development of the entire stack from math to working walking system. I outsourced the embedded system to Dephy, and procured custom modified motors and machined components from domestic and international manufacturers. I did machine a couple components but certainly left the bulk of it to the professionals. The technology is based on a series elastic actuator exploiting the biomimetic feature of series elasticity to extend the power delivery capacity of the motor as well as reduce overall energy consumption per stride. My process includes feeding gait data through dynamic equations in a kinematically clamped manner, to search for the optimal configuration of motor, spring, gear ratio. Further design refinements then include searching for optimal linkage geometry with the objective of achieving minimal energy consumption for each stride of walking gait.

Seven people have used the actuators.

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